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design books
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Eye Aids

One of our best selling products.
Lightweight, comfortable and  ideal
for travelling. 
Hands-free magnification.
Can be worn with or without glasses
or contact lenses .Slip-on cushioned
headband  fits all sizes.

Comes with standard 1.6x lens
Suitable for many crafts -  woodcarving,
 lace making, painting, knitting. needlework,
 stamp collecting, dolls' house  and miniature
crafts, jewellary making etc
Simply the best I have ever used

Headband and standard lens
£16.50 plus P&P
An additional set of more powerful
lenses are available separately
(2x, 2.5x & 3.5x)
lens set £7.00
Why not get the complete set
Headband and all 4 lenses
Only £21.50 plus P&P




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