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Design Books by Sandra Whitehead


"Here is a superb collection of designs for wall hangings inspired by art and tapestry. Miniaturists and embroiderers alike will delight in stitching these 1/12th scale designs which take their sources from our rich cultural heritage. All designs are simplified to suit the canvas in 22 and 24 count. These miniature tapestries can be framed as pictures, displayed on wooden easels or hung as if in a miniature baronial hall. They make ideal decorations for dolls’ houses but their intricacy and attention to colours and detail make them fascinating features to display in their own right.".
 Guild of Master Craftsman Publications

Price £5.50 plus £4.95 p&p 

"In this new title, Sandra Whitehead offers miniaturists
and lovers of needlepoint a range of meticulously
researched and beautifully executed 1/12th
scale designs for costume and furnishings
 of the medieval and Tudor periods including
 a knitting pattern for a knight's chain mail,
a gown for a medieval lady and wall 
hangings, settle cushions and table
carpets for a Tudor mansion".

Guild of Craftsman Publications.

Price £5.50 plus £4.95 p&p 

Order both books for just £10 plus £4.95 p&p 




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