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Needlework Accessories

Embroidery Scissors

Non stick with titanium blade,
very sharp.

£7.75 per pair
plus P&P
Embroidery Scissors

Speckled handle design in three colours.

£4.25 per pair
plus P&P

Ideal if you have difficulty snipping
 thread with conventional scissors.
 Ideal for lace makers and miniaturists.
With straight or curved blade.
£5.50 per pair plus P&P

Tacky PVA Glue

This is very useful as a fray-stop glue.
I use a glue spreader to paint a tiny
line onto the edges of any fabric that is
likely to fray. I prefer it to the more
watery fray-stop glues that are available
as they can bleed into, and stain,
certain fabrics (e.g. silk).

£1.95 plus P&P





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